ECO TECHNOLOGY is a blockchain-ecosystem that enables investment organizations and individual investors to learn and explore promising projects with minimal risks in the field of renewable energy worldwide and invest in them. Most often project developers in the field of renewable energy find it difficult to find sources of financing because such projects, as a rule, require large investments.

On the other hand, when working on renewable energy projects, investment organizations often face a significant risk of investing in large-scale projects due to the limited liquidity of investment funds, since a significant amount of time may be required to achieve the goals set. In addition, most individual investors are not able to participate in projects of this kind because such projects provide minimum investment contribution, which sometimes ranges around 100,000 $. ECT regulates the problems of both investors and developers by creating two large-scale platforms: the ECT global exchange and the ECT Market. The ECT Market is a crowds funding platform, which is based on the technology of blockchain. The ECT Global Exchange is the platform for energy investments in all countries of the world.